Childish Gambino-We Ain't Them

Having vented a little just moments ago on Twitter, I thought I’d pay Childish Gambino/Donald Glover’s site a visit. Imagine my surprise when firstly, it was somewhat renovated (with a Big Ghost quote, no less), and secondly, this excellent track was sitting at the bottom waiting to be downloaded.

Many will recognise this as one of the outstanding tracks from the quartet he performed recently, and I’ve been looking forward to this being released. The production is wonderfully easygoing, with the opening relying heavily on a light key melody before launching into, and blending with, a pulsating percussion and some superb raps from Gambino. There’s a mixture of motivational and biographical lyricism in this one, making for relatable content to accompany the warming production, including a couple of lines that will surely get the gossip columns talking (“hope the show gets cancelled, maybe then I can focus“). I’d rather ignore that and celebrate this track for the summery, all-round throughly enjoyable effort it is, and I’d fully recommend this to all Gambino fans.

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