Childish Gambino-Unnecessary ft. Schoolboy Q

I know this collaboration will excite a lot of OTU fans, and rightfully so. Two upcoming rappers who’ve risen at different ends of the spectrum, and this is about as good a co-sign as Gambino’s managed to grab to date in his quest to be taken much more seriously as a rapper.

Assumedly from his upcoming mixtape, and having given Funk Flex the honour of premiering this a couple of nights back, he’s certainly upped the hype for that project. There’s a clear maturity taking place with Gambino’s raps, leaving behind his lighter style for something a little darker and more aggressive in a recent video, and that’s a trait carried over here. A slow, ominous production holds things together whilst both rappers grab the beat in very different ways, and whilst Q edges it with his razor-sharp flow, Gambino’s performance is enjoyable with some nice lyrical high points. Radio rip for now, and I’m looking forward to a better version.

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