Childish Gambino-Silk Pillow ft. Beck

The third instalment of Gambino’s recent free-leases, and he’s snagged a huge name on the feature here as alternative legend Beck lends a hand to help Childish make it three good releases on the trot.

The production is very clever throughout, tailoring to each artist’s strengths in their respective sections. Beck opens the track backed by some fantastic piano work and a sharp percussion, with his almost spoken-word style combining with those provisions for an alt-pop sound. The track threatens a metamorphosis after Beck’s contribution by switching briefly into an electronic transition, before going back to the chords and drums for Gambino’s raps. The switches are made back and forth again part-way through his verse, before the track closes with an instrumental that fully transforms into the electro style. It’s a diverse and dynamic listen that’s impossible to box into a genre, and as a result will go down well with Gambino fans.

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