Big Boi and Theophilus London-She Said OK ft. Tre Luce

Given that both Big Boi and Theophilus are credited as the lead artists here, I’m not sure who’s upcoming album it’s destined for (sidenote: Big Boi announced his next solo LP is titled Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors), but it’s good to see a hip-hop veteran hooking up with a young upcomer for this one.

There’s no ambiguity with regards to subject matter here, as the first 30 seconds attest to: Theo and Big Boi are right after the ladies with this one, and in a pretty blunt way. The audacious nature of it smacks of old school Outkast, and that vibe is backed by a slow and sleazy production that winds its way through the track softly, giving it a laidback summer vibe that’ll sound great turned right up in the car. The vocal work from Tre is soulful too, working well with the chillout vibe and further enhancing the suggestive vibe of the track. Decent all-rounder, and I’d quite like to hear more from this duo as they’ve clearly got a solid chemistry.

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