Azealia Banks-Jumanji

When Azealia was recently throwing shots over at Iggy Azalea, T.I. and co, one of the recurring rebuttals I saw from Grand Hustle fans was that Banks hadn’t put out enough material to say the things that she was. It looks like she’s preparing to remedy that with a duo of releases, as this track comes from the upcoming Fantastic mixtape, to be followed by the 1991 EP.

There’s an international flavour to the production, boasting a mix of elements that ranges from steel drums to more tribal-esque percussion, and the repeated switches add a little dynamism to the soundscape, though at times it becomes a little loose structurally. The raps are OK given the difficult production, but the relative paucity of lyrical depth in her content generally relies on her ‘catchy’ element and slick flows to compensate, and on this occasion neither do. Not terrible, but I hope there’s better stuff to come.

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