Asher Roth-Outside

Since his release of the lead single from Is This Too Orange? Asher’s been quiet, but he returns to the limelight with some brand new music to brighten the Monday of Asher fans.

Feelgood vibes wrap around this track, as Asher cools out and describes a pretty great summer day for most people, with lots of outdoorsy lyricism packaged into a bouncy flow. There’s nothing massively complicated about the raps and that’s a highlight of the track, with its easygoing nature being a light listen that helps this track to definitely find a home on your headphones on a bright summer’s day. The production compliments the rapping, with a childish vocal sample that enhances the playful nature of the subject, whilst the soft percussion allows the track to bob along smoothly. A solid all-rounder that’ll slot onto summer playlist without much fuss.

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