A$AP Rocky-Goldie Video

The lead single from Rocky’s upcoming debut album is given the video treatment just two weeks after the audio release. Those are the kind of timings I can get on board with.

The video is a great representation of what Rocky’s all about: plenty of energy and style accompanied by huge doses of charisma and confidence. A relatively simple video, the clip lets Rocky makes the most of his lead single with plenty of solo time, varying from close-ups of him rapping to driving around at night. I expect comparisons to be drawn with an early Lil’ Wayne in terms of the gravitas he has on screen as he’s great fun to watch in full swing, and whilst I hate using the word, he has a natural ‘swagger’ that’s difficult to resist.

Fundamentally, it’s a lively video that matches the bouncy audio excellently, giving this single plenty of potential to help A$AP Rocky break that final barrier to mainstream success. Audio review is over here, and LongLiveA$AP coming soon.

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