Angels and Airwaves-Surrender Video

Looks like even Angels and Airwaves want in on the riot-themed video action, as they come through with a clip for one of the many excellent tracks from their most recent album, Love Part 2.

If you watched the No Church In The Wild video a little earlier, you’ll be familiar with chunks of this video. The opening few seconds are almost identical in setting up a riot scene, though the video then transitions into something a little more positive, helped hugely by the fantastically feelgood audio. As the audio is heavily anchored around the hook, the video represents that by gathering pace through the verses, and progressing slowly into action-heavy climaxes for the hook that are a hyperactive blend of band shots, rioting and dancing. The diversity of those scenes adds a lighter, positive spin to the notion of an uprising, and certainly removes some of the seriousness associated with the riot scenes, a necessary move given the uplifting nature of the audio. The whole package of scenes combines with the audio for a general feeling of youthful rebelliousness, and its an audio-visual that makes for a pretty solid watch. Grab the single on iTunes now.

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