Akon-Hurt Somebody ft. French Montana Video

The hook master of the mid-2000′s comes together with the go-to hook man of 2012 (though he contributes a verse instead), as Akon returns to the music scene courtesy of a French Montana assist.

The track seems to have Akon back on his motivational, ‘rise and grind’ style, which I’m sure was the preferred period of his material for most non-mainstream fans. Featuring yet another stadium status hook, Akon brings forth some hip-hop inspired lyricism alongside his trademark deliveries, and whilst its hardly groundbreaking, it’s a surprisingly refreshing listen in today’s dance-dominated environment.

The video is fairly gritty and violent, with the feature scenes being Akon involved in a cage fight with a Kimbo Slice-alike, giving the video the edge and sense of realism that has been sorely lacking from his material over the last few years.

It’s certainly a more grown-up clip, and will undoubtedly appeal to those who longed for the Locked Up version of Akon to return. Worth a watch for sure, and let’s hope he sticks with this lane.

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