Ab-Soul-Illuminate ft. Kendrick Lamar

It looks like now that the Schoolboy Q hype is calming down, it’s time for another excellent talent to emerge from the TDE camp, as Ab-Soul gears up for his #controlsystem project release on Friday.

Ab’s probably the first act I’d actually heard of from TDE, and whilst its taken a little longer for him to gain the acclaim his colleagues have, there’s no doubt he’s a talented rapper as this track demonstrates. Fantastically smooth, atmospheric synth work softly weaves through the track, backed by a strong percussion for a nice thickness to the production, and Ab delivers some passionate, driven raps that contrast nicely with the beat to really spotlight the lyricism. Kendrick delivers on the assist as per most of his guest spots, coming through with yet another enjoyable all-round performance, and it caps off what is a very likeable track.

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