A. Chal-Paid In Full

With a slew of hip-hop vocal samples in tow, the very talented A. Chal comes through with his latest alternative electronic effort. I’ve had much of his back catalogue on repeat since the emergence of the excellent Come Back, and it’s great to get some fresh new material from him.

As with his previous material, there’s an addictive cool in and amongst the diversity he displays from start to finish. The first half of the track is smoothed out, atmospheric and relaxing without losing a lively edge, before alternating in short bursts with a quicker, more house-esque style to bring that variety to the fore and inject further energy into the track. Whilst the two alternating styles are different, there’s a general calm and solidity in the synths that underpins the whole track and ensures consistency, making this an enjoyable listen the whole way through. Looking forward to more from A. Chal.

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