Kid Cudi-Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of This Whiskey!

Not a particularly snappy title eh?

Kid Cudi’s back on in his solo (dolo) lane, dropping off what could be material from Man on the Moon III, or possibly just some new material for the fun of it. After the successful WZRD experiment, he’s back to rapping on this one, coming through with a stop-start, stuttered flow that packs in some decent lyrical work, combining a little introspection with some eccentricity for a nice blend of content. Cudi’s also helmed the production on this one, serving up a beat with a slightly dark yet lively nature, as dramatic synth work accompanies bouncy bass work for a production that doesn’t nail itself to any particular genre. The raps match the alternative stylings of this difficult production well, and most Cudi fans will enjoy this one.

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