Kanye West and DJ Khaled-Theraflu

What better way to get back into the OTU saddle than with the first of a triumverate of Kanye West blasts today! Theraflu came through on Wednesday night, and whilst there was initial confusion on whether it was Khaled featuring Kanye or the other way around, it’s since been confirmed it’s a Kanye track with a Khaled (and DJ Pharris) feature.

Produced by Hit-Boy, the beat combines deep bass with electronic melodies for a sharp urgency, providing a relatively simple and relatively ‘safe’ backdrop for a decent set of raps from Ye, who switches between confessional, arrogant and seething throughout. Lyrically, it’s similar to the work on Watch the Throne, with flashes of quality surrounded by a little too much simplicity, and when backed by an instrumental that’s little more than solid, it’s probably not the spectacular return many of us had hoped for.

Click here to stream this over at Kanye’s place.

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