Jade Alston-Searching

Searching is the first of a series of visuals by emerging R&B singer/songwriter Jade Alston. A fan-favorite from Jade’s recently released FreEP Single On A Saturday Night, Searching was written by Jade Alston and produced by MPIII Productions.

Smoothed out production and strong vocals, this soulful effort from the upcoming Jade Alston will undoubtedly make for a refreshing listen to many R&B/soul heads.

The synergy between the vocal and production work is strong throughout, maintaining a mellow flavour without excessively capping Jade’s natural energy and vocal strength. The lyrical work is simple and effective, going with a very honest, open approach that has a couple of nice twists, particularly in the hook, whilst the video efficiently serves its purpose of giving Alston some camera time to get viewers familiar. Definitely a talent to watch, and you can grab her full EP (with this track on) for free here.

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