The Notorious B.I.G.-My Downfall (Kensaye Remix)

Considered by most to be one of the greatest MCs in history, then selfishly refusing to make any more music due to being dead, Biggie is one of those artists whose vocals have been cut and pasted onto projects varying from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Here, French producer Kensaye manages to find something new to do with a BIG track, creating a hauntingly relaxed beat for the Life After Death classic. Kensaye himself explained his reason for making the track, saying: “Anyone that loves Hip-Hop today needs to pay dues to the King of Brooklyn. That’s why as an avid Hip Hop fan I remixed one of his tracks, opting for the more chilled and atmospheric approach.”

Does this stand out among the plethora of Biggie remixes? Let us know in the comments.

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