R&B Fridays: Episode 141

That’s right folks, do not adjust your monitors. R&B Friday is actually available on a Friday. As a result, it does mean the material isn’t particularly plentiful this week, but it doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there. In fact, I suspect many R&B Fridays fans will rather enjoy this episode, with 2 Frank Ocean-related tracks and a remix of one of The Weeknd’s best tracks featured.

Four to catch up on from this week, with the video for Usher’s Climax dropping earlier, Labrinth letting loose an all-star remix, an excellent remix of Drake’s Cameras, and the debut of our Sh*t You Forgot About series, featuring tracks from recent years that you may have forgotten about or missed entirely. Click on below for this week’s instalment.

Frank Ocean-Thinking About You (Radio Edit)

-Probably his most popular track to date, and it looks like it’s getting the mainstream push as this version was put out to radio stations earlier this week. To us dedicated Frank Ocean fans it’ll actually sound familiar, as it’s the same version used in the video (which seems to have almost entirely disappeared from the internet, probably due to them relaunching the single now), and it’s good to see it now in a position to get some real exposure. For the most part, the additions are superb, with some additional strings on the intro, crisper vocals and more effective backing vocals, though the adlibs on the bridge to the last verse feel a touch forced. There’s one radio/DJ tag on this one sadly, but otherwise it’s a great listen and a nice upgrade on what was a fantastic original.

Melody Thornton-Lipstick&Guilt (No Church In The Wild Remix)

-One of the actual talents to emerge from the Pussycat Dolls, Melody gears up for her upcoming free P.O.Y.B.L. project by letting loose this remake of The Throne and Frank Ocean’s excellent No Church In The Wild. A beat that few non-rappers have touched, Melody works with its dulcet nature well by projecting her voice powerfully throughout, serving as a good advertisement for her relatively overlooked ability. Decent enough remix that doesn’t threaten the original, but makes for a solid listen.

The Weeknd-The Party and The After Party (Sango Remix)

-Many will remember Sango’s top remix of Coming Down many months ago, and he’s now released a full mixtape of The Weeknd remixes, which will inevitably refresh his back catalogue for those who had tired of him. 2 or 3 tracks in and its this one that’s really impressed me so far, and much like the aforementioned remix he generally retains the vibe and elements of the original, whilst throwing in some unique twists and turns that give it a fresh dynamic. Of those unique additions, the warping and stuttering of the track are simple yet effective tools throughout, whilst the general slowdown adds a trippy, slow-motion style. The link above the stream is to the whole mixtape, and I’m sure the entire project will be a great listen.

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