R&B Fridays: Episode 140

No artist in the R&B and pop genres has generated the buzz Rita Ora has over the past week, so it’s only right that the Roc Nation signee and London native gets the headline spot for yet another milestone episode.

It’s been a solid week in the music world, with a few very enjoyable releases from a range of genres. Miguel came through with an excellent free 3-track EP, Jesse Boykins III delivered what could be a breakout moment for the lavishly-talented singer with a video for B4 The Night Is Thru, Kid Cudi’s new WZRD project released their debut album to a positive reception here on OTU, and finally the mysterious A. Chal dropped off one of the finest electronic instrumentals I’ve heard in some time.

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Rita Ora-How We Do (Party)

-Previously referred to as Party and Bullshit, this is the final version of her very well-recived debut single. It’s a lively, upbeat effort that showcases the newcomer’s ability well enough, with a bright set of vocals that are sure to be popular with the mainstream crowd. As a song, it’s essentially textbook pop with no ‘edge’ as such (aside from using the word ‘bullshit’ on the bridge), and hence should be easily digested by the majority. Sure to be a hit in the very near future.

Dawn Richard-Fly
-Having recently been released from her Bad Boy contract (which assumedly means Dirty Money is dead), Dawn drops off her first effort since that seperation. It’s a hip-hop driven production that holds this one together, as a pounding bassline and a general arrogance around the track combine for a defiant, punchy effort that accentuates Dawn’s confidence and attitude. Nothing that I’ll play too often, but one that will serve many well on a night out.

Rita Ora-R.I.P. ft. Tinie Tempah

-This is one that’ll interest Drake fans. Many will remember I’m Ready For You, the demo track Drake penned and sung with a Nneka sample on the hook, released around 18 months ago. It appears its final destination is Ora, and along with adding her own flair, we’re given a heavier, more powerful production alongside a Tinie co-sign. I thoroughly enjoyed the Drake version, and Rita’s improved on that with an energetic performance that blends with the vivid production well and really takes advantage of the lyricism for an enjoyable pop effort.

J. Holiday-More Than A Love Song ft. Black Cobain

-He’s been absent for some time, and J. Holiday returns with a typically smooth jam to close off this episode. Soft yet pacey piano notes support Holiday’s ever-silky vocals on this one, along with a jazz-influenced percussion and bass backdrop. Holiday opts for the oft-sampled Donny Hathaway ‘little ghetto boy’ lyrics for the hook, working well with the content of the verses, and credit goes to him for showing creativity with his storytelling approach here.

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