Odd Future-Ny (Ned Flander)

Ned Flanders without the S just isn’t the same.

Two videos in quick succession from the OFWGKTA clan’s upcomingOF Tape Vol. 2 release, set to drop later this month, and whilst Rella was a pretty enjoyable one all-round, I’m not quite as enamoured with this.

The OF ‘oddness’ works when there’s a funny angle to it, but here it just comes off as a little too incongruent, as the video is set to a rather dark, minimal production that would have been far better suited to a more evenly-themed video. The creepier elements of the video (such as Tyler as a baby) do work relatively well with the audio, but the unnecessary amount of naked obese people (I wish I was joking) just drives any serious surrealism out of the video, and hence affects the perception of the audio given that it’s the first time hearing the song for most of us.

Could have been good, but instead it’s just a bit boring. Hopefully there’s better yet to come, especially in light of the aforementioned Rella single, which was certainly both a fun watch and a good listen.

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