Nas ft. AZ – Life’s A Bitch [Live]

So I’ve been meaning to post this up for a while now, but every time I go to do it I get distracted watching the entire Illmatic performance from Nas’ SXSW set. I’ve gone with his AZ joint venture here, but you’ll have to head over to YouTube and battle with that VEVO thing to watch the rest.

Things to note from this:

1. PREMO is on the decks!

2. AZ spits like it’s 1995 all over and I’m salivating for a potential new collab on either his or Nas’ upcoming LP.

3. The crowd is horrible. Like horrible. I feel bad for Nas. I mean, there he is performing the best hip hop album of all time. Live. With AZ. With Premo. And nothing.

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