Mac Miller-Loud

A testament to the amount of buzz he has, Mac’s stipulation for releasing this track was that his fans would get #ThatLoud trending on Twitter. Shortly afterwards, it was the #1 trending topic, a feat many of his rap peers would struggle with accomplishing.

The best part of it for those of us who aren’t hashtag sheep is that the audio is actually pretty good. Taken from his upcoming Macadelic project, this one boasts a fantastic Big Jerm production that would be welcomed by almost any rapper (cue a slew of remixes), with an intense, urgent melody tied to a nicely-paced percussion and a thick, speaker-rattling bass. Mac’s flows are solid enough throughout, and though the lyricism falls a little short in places, his general approach to the track is decent as he keeps those energy levels consistent, and this is a good track that’ll rack up some plays on your car playlists.

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