Jesse Boykins III-B4 The Night Is Thru Video

Over a year after its release, it’s looking likely that this excellent effort from Jesse has all the hallmarks of being his real breakout single. Having been selected for the 106 and Park countdown (if I’m not mistaken), the exposure he’ll now get is a much-deserved reward for his consistently enjoyable output over the last couple of years. His naturally artistic nature stands him in good stead for both future progression and widespread appeal, and I genuinely hope this comes off for him.

The video captures that cool bounce of the audio throughout, whilst breaking it up quite nicely with a light ‘story’ that interjects halfway through and also towards the end, both giving a little context to what would otherwise have been a generic party set. The sequencing and pacing of the video are key features throughout, as the injection of such scenes remove it from the confines of the classic music video, and into a more film-music blend that is considerably more captivating, even if the storyline itself isn’t particularly complicated. Definitely worth a look for R&B and soul heads, and a fine example of how to make an engaging video.

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