Clams Casino-Swervin' Remix Instrumental

Undoubtedly, Clams is one of the better producers in the hip-hop game right now, and it’s this remix of an XV track that brought him to the attention of many a few months back. Such was the remix’s popularity that Clams has responded to fan demand by letting loose of the instrumental, and it’s one that transcends its association with the original track.

Full of that atmospheric Clams Casino charm, there’s a sombre, almost melancholy vibe about the instrumental that results in a reflective effect on the listener, conjuring up a soundscape perfect for some introspection. The percussion is often muted to allow the drifty synths do their work, and its return is always to good effect as it snaps the track from a trippy, dreamy section into one with more drive and positivity, and that just one facet of another wonderfully detailed production from Clams. A great listen.

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