Brand new visuals from Calez’s Kid With Raps project, and on top of that it’s all filmed in the headquarters of our GWHH friends over in Chicago. Having been one of the first to recognise Calez’s talent, it’s a nice touch by those guys, and also a good look for our fellow talented reviewers to get some camera time.

It helps that it’s a decent track to set the clip to, with a real head-nodder of a production that boasts enough oomph to rattle your speakers, whilst Calez’s flows are sharp and certainly showcase his continued evolution. The video keeps things clear and uncomplicated, focusing mostly on Calez’s raps and confidence, which is undoubtedly a good move at this early stage in his career. Whilst more complex, ‘artsy’ videos may bring out the inner creativity, Calez is at a stage where he’s gaining acceptance for simply being the new rapper on the block, and hence it’s an effective visual in focusing on and projecting the audio.

Solid all-rounder, and it’s great to see both Calez and the GWHH boys get a nice shine here. Grab Kid With Raps for free right now.

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