Brother Ali ft. Nikki Jean – Shine On [Video]

Pretty criminal that this video only has 154K views. I used to sleep on Brother Ali for reasons I am unable to justify. But tracks like this show not only how wrong I was, but also how Ali is constantly pushing the envelope for conscious hip-hop and a leading light in the underground scene.

Straight from Ali’s FreEP The Bite Marked Heart, Jake One lends a hand (several in this case, producing the majority of the EP) to craft a soulful R&B backdrop whilst Brother Ali spins a tale of meeting a chick at a restaurant. The visuals themselves are made specifically with Ali’s lyrics in mind, but I don’t want to give too much away as it will make you smile halfway through when you realise what’s going on. If you like hip-hop, it’s hard not to like this. If you don’t? Well firstly you probably shouldn’t be here, but watch it anyway as the track will make you realise not all hip-hop is about guns, money and bitches.

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