Album Review: Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius - WZRD

OTU’s live Twitter album reviews makes a return here in 2012, and what better way to kick it back off again than with Kid Cudi’s and Dot Da Genius’ ambitious WZRD album?

Never one to conform to the perceptions people have on him, Kid Cudi continues to create the music he wants to make, which at the end of the day is what artistry is all about.

Click on below to read what has already been written on the OTU live Twitter feed, each track reviewed within the 140 character limit!

1. The Arrival: a very cinematic feel to this intro, just an instrumental for your ears, but a pulsating one, things are going to kick off.

2. High Off Life: the powerful riffs are surprisingly performed by Cudi himself. Off the drugs now, we’re introduced to a new, fresh Cudi.

3. The Dream Time Machine: about travelling through your dreams, any reality, any time. Empire of the Sun had a heavy and good influence.

4. Love Hard: from a guy’s view – all the things a girl wants to hear from you to convince her your relationship is genuine. Powerful song.

5. Live & Learn: more uplifting and captures the essence of rock compared with previous tracks heard so far. Potentially great radio single.

6. Brake: Very strange and unorthodox track, but probably one of my least favourite. Potential grower of a song; one for alternative heads.

7. Teleport 2 Me, Jamie: superb song (sampling the film Drive). Missing someone so much you wish they could just appear. One of Cudi’s finest singles.

8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?: back to a rock vibe – a cover of a Nirvana track. Adds more layers to give a cinematic & dramatic feel.

9. Efflictim: the vibe is happy, but has much darker undertones, Cudi asks those close to him what they’d do if he was dead. Life is short.

10. Dr. Pill: an energetic track to lift the album with the penultimate song. One that alternative fans will enjoy, excellent production.

11. Upper Room: an amazing finale this album deserves. A thankful Cudi details his progress as a human being, a believer in fate & destiny.

Conclusion: Kid Cudi gives us one of the most innovative albums I’ve heard since Kanye’s 808s album. This is more than a side project….it may take a few listens to ‘get’ it, but for me it’s his finest piece of work since his début album, and one that should be heralded.

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