XV and Sez Batters-The L7 Motto

Either I missed the audio when it came out or XV is a little late to the party, but either way Vizzy comes through with his remix of Drake’s oft-remixed The Motto.

Though it’s delayed, the remixes did dry up a few weeks back, so this does actually benefit from coming in a little later as the production now sounds somewhat less overused. XV’s generally sharp with the raps and that’s the case here, with upbeat, bouncy flows that ride this wavy beat nicely, whilst relative unknown Sez Batters also comes through with what’s a confident, smoothed-out verse that has similarities to those on the ‘West Coast’ remix.

The video is comprised of tour footage, and comes with a decent mixture of show footage for energy and backstage/personal stuff for a more in-depth vibe. Nothing spectacular visually, but a solid accompaniment to a decent audio.

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