The Internet-Purple Naked Ladies Bonus Tracks

With December being the manic month that it is, I completely forgot to grab and listen to The Internet’s debut album, Purple Naked Ladies, which is surprising considering how warmly recieved the offerings preceding the album’s release were. Nonetheless, memories everywhere have been jogged and I’m sure many of us will be looking to check that album out sooner rather than later.

Having given these 4 tracks a brief listen, I can absolutely confirm you’re in for another audio delight. The productions are a fantastic combination of uptempo, midtempo and slowed down, with each having a continuity via the atmospheric, relaxing soundscape each track remains layered with, whilst Syd’s vocals (on 3 songs, the other is an instrumental) boast that delicious, and addictive, whispery quality. In recent memory, this has to go down as one of the better free releases any music fan could hope to grab, and you can do so below.

The Internet-Purple Naked Ladies Bonus Tracks

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