R&B Fridays: Episode 138

Fridays were always overrated anyway.

Four posts to catch up on from the last week: Usher hooked up with Diplo for an enjoyable return to the spotlight, Ed Sheeran and Yelawolf came together for a free 4-track EP, Raheem DeVaughn made many folks’ Valentine’s Day with a new mixtape, and finally we were treated to an excellent slowed-down remix of Drake and The Weeknd’s Crew Love.

Below. Click.

Wiz Khalifa-Be My Girl ft. K-Young

-It’s not strictly R&B, but calling this hip-hop would be very generous for two reasons: Wiz’s pop-raps, and more importantly K-Young’s excellent hook, which completely makes the track. Wiz keeps things ticking over in his verses, but it’s the catchy harmonies of K-Young’s reaching vocals that stands out from start to finish.

Summer Leather Vest-Tell Him Something

-Many should remember the strong ‘debut’ effort from this collective (made up primarily of Joe Budden and Emanny), and this is another very likeable effort. Budden switches back from the singing style used in the aforementioned track to his usual rap style with good effect, and the production is sultry R&B at finest with soft tones complimented by big bass pounds for that classic slow jam vibe. Emanny provides some superb vocal work throughout, with his high notes on the hook being a fantastic compliment to the production and a great listen.

Colin Munroe-The Fight of My Life feat. Pusha T

-He’s been quiet for some time, and Munroe re-emerges with this effort to remind everyone of his diverse talents. It’s interesting how unique a proposition he was back in 2008, and how that still remains relatively true as his genre-floating style is still a refreshing listen. There’s an uplifting yet intense vibe on this one, as the verses have an almost seething delivery at times, as opposed to the bright, stadium-status vocals on the hook. The production has a nice blend of guitars, atmospheric synths and a punchy percussion, and this is a solid track all-round.

Tony Williams-Another You (feat. Kanye West)

-Tony hooks up with cousin Kanye for a warming soulful affair from his King or the Fool project. There’s a truly vintage vibe about this one, with the bouncy bass, sharp backing vocals, and general mellowness blending together for a relaxing journey down memory lane. Kanye’s verses are likeable enough, harking back to the mid-2000′s where he’d only really be found on beats such as these. Decent enough effort.

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