R&B Fridays: Episode 136

Apologies for the lateness here, but spending most of your weekend travelling isn’t conducive to the satisfactory scheduling of your favourite weekly series.

A couple of good efforts to recap on, with a short but sweet official blast from Frank Ocean, and enjoyable visuals for Eric Turner’s collaboration with Lupe Fiasco and Tinie Tempah.

Click on for this week’s tasty treats.

Jesse Boykins III & Gora Sau-The Perfect Blues

-Jesse’s beginning to monopolise the chillout soul genre, and strengthens his stranglehold with this laidback collaboration. The production boasts drifty synths that collude with a rather thumping but slow percussion to provide an excellent backdrop, whilst JB3 switches between various styles of whispery vocals for the verses and hook for a great performance. Another winner.

Chris Brown-I Love You

-A fairly plain title, and truthfully a pretty plain song. The track opens with the promise of another uptempo club thumper, but descends into a slower jam that doesn’t have too many unique characterstics to make it stand out. The production is relaxing and is made up of some decent elements, but lacks that real killer catch point, whilst Brown’s vocals are a little too emotional to really capitalise on its natural smoothness. His fans will surely enjoy this, but it’s decidedly average for the rest of us.

Nina Sky-Day Dreaming

-Every year, these two threaten a comeback with what’s usually a decent song, but never seem to capitalise on it with any sustained quality. This is more of the same, with a production that has a mid-2000′s Timbaland vibe to it, as pounding drums are met by a futuristic set of samples for a nice hybrid style. The vocals are solid enough, but feel a little unstructured throughout, though they use the beat to its full advantage and allow it to do the work where needed. Good effort, but let’s see if we actually get more!

Johnta Austin-Heartbreak Heard Around The World

-He’s been quiet for a very long time, but the man who was once one of the foremost providers to this series returns with an excellent demo track. The production is pretty standard pop/R&B stuff, with a light key melody, soft guitar licks and a consistent midtempo percussion, but as per the rest of his catalogue, its his grasp over melody that makes this replayable. The verses are solid enough, and build to an incredibly memorable hook that will surely find favour with many. Just a shame he keeps giving this good stuff away as demos!

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