Odd Future-Rella

Violence, cross-dressing, drugs and much more: Odd Future are back. It’s fair to say many of us ‘got over the hype’ surrounding this collective relatively quickly last year, but credit where it’s due, as this video has captured my interest once more.

What’s instantly noticeable is that they’re clearly enjoying the access to higher production quality, as the video immediately strikes you with an air of professionalism that continues throughout the video, containing the natural Odd Future anarchy very well. The clip is typically wacky, with all sorts of insane activities and outfits, alongside plenty of laugh out loud moments-Tyler’s on great form in his section with some fantastic mannerisms.

The track itself also boasts from a more polished feel, with a thudding, energetic production served up by the ever-improving Left Brain, whilst Hodgy, Domo and Tyler genuinely bring some enjoyable flows to the track, with Tyler’s tongue-twisting delivery being a highlight. It’s a surprisingly enjoyable effort from the OFWGKTA clan, and much credit to them for adding a little gloss to their edgy, out-there style.

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