Mickey Factz-The Arts (Avant Garde)

To celebrate the life of Keith Haring I decided to have a free flowing moment in art. With the assistance of Jake Bouvy, we create a piece of art that tells a detailed story of the time period Mause (Mickey Factz) lived in.

Following on from his excellent trailer for the Mickey Mau5 project, Factz releases his first audio offering from the project. Sampling Nas’ iconic NY State of Mind, the production blends the inherent grit of the aforementioned sample with a light, positive piano melody for a contrast that works well with the broken, conflicted mindframe he exudes in the trailer. Equally, the raps boast a mixture of realism, reflection and storytelling, which also accurately portrays the freeform thoughts of the artist.

The video’s made up of historic clips, images that represent lyrical snippets, and a few shots of Mickey from the trailer. The constant change works with the dynamic of the raps, whilst the diversity of clips makes for an easy watch. Worth a look, and I hope to hear more soon.

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