Mickey Factz-Mickey Mau5 Trailer

After a long hiatus, Mickey Factz emerges with his short film/documentary trailer entitled Mickey Mau5. One watch of this trailer, and you feel as though Mickey’s having his ‘moment’. What do I mean by that?

Consider Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreak. It was a step away from the norm, and into something that delved deeper into his psyche. That’s exactly the emanation given here, as this raw, rough documentary footage both figuratively and vocally strips away Mickey the rapper, and digs into Mickey the creator. Valid and poignant points are made (in particular, discussing how music has become an outlet for the rich versus an expression for the common person is something that crosses my mind daily), alongside a combination of historic scenes and shots of Mickey in relative isolation-even on a busy bridge he just feels out of place, and that really pushes through beyond the camera.

The question mark symbolism suggests his isolation is borne out of a need for answers (possibly creatively or otherwise), and I’m looking forward to this documentary (and of course, the accompanying soundtrack). Hopefully there’s more info coming soon, though if the frequency of question marks in the video are anything to go by, it’s probably deliberate that you leave with more questions than answers.

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