Kendrick Lamar-Cartoons and Cereal

Since releasing Section.80, Kendrick musical output has represented that of someone who is operating with considerably more freedom. You really sense the shackles have been thrown off, and his recent spate of features on very unique, often offbeat productions (Blessed with Schoolboy Q being an obvious example) has suggested that freedom results in a little more eccentricity and originality on his part.

This track continues that trend with a dark production that bursts between minimalism and thudding bass-heavy work, with that contrast mirroring that of the raps and samples, as the cartoon clips and Kendrick’s softer verses and hook are much opposed to the gristly, aggressive work following the hook. The verses are excellent once again, boasting a few thought-provoking lines packaged in the slick flows now expected of him. It’s a very unique listen that almost defies structure at times, and hence is a very refreshing slice of hip-hop that clearly demonstrates what someone operating with a much more boundary-free mindset is capable of.

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