Childish Gambino - Heartbeat [Video]

My favourite track off his album, Camp, and possibly my favourite Gambino song thus far, gets the video treatment. The vid itself premièred on Friday evening, but it was only available to view for those in America (boo). Someone’s kindly put this on Youtube, and hopefully it won’t get deleted!

Gambino spoke to MTV about this video and highlighted that it wasn’t so much a music video, but more the capturing of the mood of the song. This relationship is one of confusion and conflicted feelings, which is reflected in the video. Quite apt that it takes place in a car throughout, as relationships (good or bad!) are a journey.

Well worth a watch, and if you haven’t heard and you happen to like this song then you really should acquire more of Childish Gambino’s music!

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2 comments to Childish Gambino – Heartbeat [Video]

  • I really enjoyed this video. Lots to be read in it, but what stuck out for me was the ’3-part’ system: Gambino is in the driver’s seat (of the relationship), the relationship hits a turning point, literally (driving) and figuratively (the kissing), followed by the woman now being in control.


  • Yup, that’s what I got from it too!

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