YG and Nipsey Hu$$le-The Motto Remix Video

Easily my favourite remix to date of this track, and arguably just as good as (if not better than) the original, Nipsey and YG throw some visuals together for their unofficial West Coast remix of Drake and Lil’ Wayne’s The Motto.

YG opens with his laidback, magnetising verse that doesn’t boast any head-bending wordplay but has a nice flow and easy rhyme scheme, blending excellently with the production, whilst the video has some nice flashes of charisma from YG, as he takes things to the club to inject a little energy into the track.

Nipsey Snoop Dogg Jr. follows up with his very likeable verse (I find myself repeating the first two lines in my head continuously!), and maintains the momentum with more activity and vibrancy in the visuals. Sidenote: It’s definitely a good move leaving the Drake hook on the track, and it’s certainly where most of the other remixes have fallen short. Grab the audio (which also includes a Snoop Dogg verse) for this here.

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