R&B Fridays: Episode 134

Yes kids, it’s not Friday, but every day is a good day to get a fix of some good R&B right? RIGHT!

I’ve also assembled here a quite perfect trifecta of tracks for your listening pleasure; none of that sweet baby music making here in this episode, just three tracks that will get you moving. Click on below to see what is in store for you this (or last, should I say?) week.

Ryan Leslie – The Way That You Move (remix)
I like Ryan Leslie’s production style, but as an artist? I’m not totally convinced yet. This track, as expected, certainly comes through on the production side of things, but you have Ryan Leslie using a bit of auto-tune…the very fact I’ve still included this track in spite of my pet peeve here shows that it is a good song, and one you will definitely play more than once. In fact I’m pretty sure I’m going to be playing this one all week.

Avicii – You’re Gonna Love Again ft. Nervo
Fantastic dance/electro track from Swedish DJ Avicii with just enough singing in it for me to define it as R&B (no, that isn’t cheating!) which is sung curiously by Australian twin sisters, Miriam and Olivia Nervo, (who also work as fashion models). This one would certainly go down well in the clubs as well as mainstream radio, actually I’d be extremely disappointed if it didn’t make certain mainstream radio playlists.

Jade Mckenzie – Too Late
Saving the best/most auspicious until last, Jade Mckenzie pops up with a gem; one that has a more personal vibe (and thus a more relatable vibe) than the previous two tracks. Excellent hook too which is complimented well by some good production.

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