R&B Fridays: Episode 133

The renaming of this to R&B Sundays is probably long overdue now, eh?

2 posts from 2 upcoming vocalists to recap on from the week gone by, with an enjoyable cover of Frank Ocean’s American Wedding by Yasmin and visuals for Jesse Boykins III’s smoothed-out Zoner.

Without further ado, head below and grab this week’s collection of mainstream goodies.

-The first single from his upcoming The Love IV: Diary of a Madman, and what will hit you from the off is the heavy 90s R&B influence on the track. It sounds like it was taken for a dip in a vat of liquified R. Kelly, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing as there’s an easygoing and often sultry vibe to the track, brought about by a good synergy between the winding production and Dream’s vocals. A little heavy on the Autotune for the hook, but an easy listen otherwise.

Tony Williams-Blazin High ft. Emilio Rojas, Wale and Mackelmore
-For a guy who’s mostly done soul tracks in his career, this is a surprisingly energetic, upbeat track that makes for a very infectious listen. The sample annoyingly eludes me, but the powerful synths work in tandem with the frantic percussion for a high-octane, dance-infused track that would completely slay a club environment. Tony enlists the help of Emilio, Mackelmore and Wale for a couple of good verses that each build to a rousing hook from Tony, and this is an uptempo effort you definitely need to grab.

Slim-Deja Vu ft. Rick Ross and Play-N-Skillz
-112′s frontman comes through with a typically laidback track, from his upcoming album (which seems to be perenially delayed). Airy synth work blends well with his whispery vocals, whilst the muted percussion drives the track along nicely. The vocals occasionally feel a little offbeat, but it’s generally a solid effort with a nice Ross feature that will make for decent filler on any R&B playlist.

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