MeLo-X-The Dark Joker

MeLo-X is a name you often come across (mostly in association with Mickey Factz and Jesse Boykins III), and you probably have a few of his songs and/or remixes but have never really quite known who he is. I certainly fall into that category, so hopefully this track from his upcoming Fewture album will help us all get more familiar.

I’ll not lie here: it was the title that made me initially give this a go, but the quality of the track is what’s kept me repeating it over the last 24 hours. Genre-wise, it’s mostly grounded in a chillout electronic style, with light lashings of other genres mixed in, and Melo proves himself as an excellent producer of progressive, ambient instrumental music full of intrigue and atmosphere at every turn. Opening with soft electronic samples and airy synths, the track slowly reveals itself with more lively elements thrown into the mix, with the final third of the track having a real epic film score feel about it, and credit goes to mellow for producing a track with such a wonderful depth of layers. An unmissable slice of instrumental excellence.

MeLo-X-The Dark Joker

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