Marger - Cheeky [EP]

Marger is back with a vengeance as the long awaited Cheeky EP has finally arrived. Cheeky features the previous hits ‘Shadows’ (ft. Molly), ‘Goonz’ (ft. Scrufizzer and No Lay) and brand new single ‘This Year’ (ft. Josh Osho).

What you can expect from the album is a real example of Marger’s versatility as an artist, as he evolves above the label of East London Grime MC. There are a range of musical styles featured throughout Cheeky EP including Grime, Dance, Dubstep and Pop. His exciting and controversial lyrics are delivered with a raw energy in true Marger style, as he joins forces with up-and-coming producer Sibling.

The EP is available (now!) from the following sources:
Amazon MP3

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