John Legend and Ludacris-Tonight (Best You Ever Had)

Though it’s only from the soundtrack of the upcoming Think Like A Man film, it’s always great to get some new John Legend, and it certainly helps when it’s one of his better tracks in a long time.

Opening with in an atmospheric and drifty manner, there’s an instantly smooth vibe pouring out of this one, and whilst the song does shift into a more pop/R&B realm with the percussion and additional elements, it retains enough of that initial airy quality to give it a distinctive flavour. Legend’s vocals are never in doubt, and here he actually does a good job of stifling his natural passion and intensity, instead opting for a more structurally sound effort that still showcases his wonderful talent. Definitely worth a listen, and look out for it on iTunes on Tuesday.

John Legend-Tonight (Best You Ever Had) ft. Ludacris

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