Jitta On The Track-Friday Night

A gem found in my inbox, this laidback slice of acoustically-driven hip-hop will win fans of a huge variety of genres.

J.O.T.T. picks an excellent production here, and goes for that rarely-touched but ever-effective blend of acoustic guitar and rapping, which offers a relaxed vibe that allows the natural emotion in Jitta’s raps to come to the fore. It’s not the sort of backdrop that lends itself to complex, multisyllabic rhymes, and instead is one that calls out for a softer, more melodic approach that Jitta brings in spades with some solid introspection in the raps, and a nice harmony on the hook.

The video offers a good range of natural scenes, in a few senses of the word, as much of it takes place in a forest or around a campfire, with additional scenes of warming interactions with friends and spouses interspersed throughout. It’s an excellent range of selections for the style of music created, resisting the temptation to become too alternative or too hip-hop. Instead, it’s an easy-to-watch effort that cruises along with the audio nicely. Good all-round effort, and you can grab this track on iTunes right now.

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