Jesse Boykins III-Zoner (Demo) Video

Relaxing soul vibes to warm you up this cold evening, with the latest visuals from the talented Jesse Boykins III.

Certainly one of my favourite songs from his back catalogue, Zoner has an easygoing vibe that is deliciously addictive, courtesy of a light string melody pretty much being the lone piece of production, with Jesse’s wispy, naturally hushed vocals blending beautifully with those plucks.

The video is trippy and choppy, switching from scene to scene quickly and combining a mostly calm colour palette with bright lighting for an interesting mix of relaxation and vibrancy. The actions in the scenes are more simple, with a combination of JB3 enjoying some introspection and also spending time with a couple of models. A solid video to fit a very easy listening song.

Pick the track up on his excellent Way of A Wayfarer EP now.

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