A$AP Rocky-Wassup Video

One of the more durable tracks on Rocky’s debut mixtape, with it still grabbing plays on my iTunes to this day. Warning: not suitable for viewing by minors!

A trippy blend of psychedelic colours and dimly-lit environments captures the essence of the audio excellently, whilst there’s certainly a general vibe around this video that has a real throwback feel. There’s a little sprinkling of opulence too, as Rocky flaunts his new-found fame and success, without overshadowing his natural style and charisma throughout the video. Of course, the rest of the A$AP mob are featured throughout the video, and I’m sure we’ll hear more from them soon.

Thematically, the video isn’t going to throw you any surprises, but makes for an easygoing, fitting accompaniment to a very enjoyable track. Grab it for yourself on the LiveLoveA$AP mixtape now.

For more info on the video, click here to visit the home of Vice, the clip’s directors and producers.

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