YG, Nipsey Hu$$le and Snoop Dogg-The Motto Remix

A contender for my favourite track on Take Care, The Motto’s got a hypnotising production that’s difficult to resist, and it has to be said that I’m thankful to finally have someone else to hear on the production.

Three of LA’s prominent MC’s come through here, and each takes to the bassy beat with relative ease. YG opens with a laidback yet bouncy flow that uses the natural rises of the productions well, whilst Nipsey follows with a sharper, slightly more aggressive style in a similar flow to YG’s. Snoop closes the game out with a pause-filled performance that ensures his verse remains a little unique, and whilst it’s certainly not the best verse on the track, credit is due for changing it up from the previous two verses. Good remix, definitely worth a grab if you liked the original.

YG, Nipsey Hu$$le and Snoop Dogg-The Motto Remix

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