XV-Chaka Shao Khan

I saw the title and did wonder whether a mixture of the old-school songstress and Mortal Kombat villain would look anything short of horrifying. Thankfully, XV cleared that up for us with the artwork. Panic. Over.

Unsurprisingly, a Chaka Khan sample is used for the melody here, and ties nicely to the rest of the lively, key-driven production that DJ Tech-Neek serves up, and as a beat that has a mid-2000′s Kanye vibe, it’ll win many fans. Vizzy’s at home on almost any production, and one as easygoing as this proves no different as he provides an energetic yet controlled set of raps that further enhances his status as one of the more consistent MCs in the game. Props for that Triple H reference too.

XV-Chaka Shao Khan

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