R&B Fridays: Episode 131

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Jared Evan-Anywhere ft. Game and Pharrell
-Two huge co-signs for the upcoming Jared Evan. An alternative influence presides over the production, with a distorted guitar melody combining with piercing percussion for an edgy, eclectic beat, whilst Jared supplies some relatively safe, low-risk vocals that utilise the production well enough. Game suits the production well, with his natural aggression fitting the beat well, and whilst Pharrell’s initial contribution sounds slightly off-key, he recovers well enough.

Ashanti-The Woman You Love ft. Busta Rhymes
-So, Ashanti’s still around apparently. Who knew? This isn’t bad at all in fairness, with Ashanti displaying some real vocal flexbility with a very soul-inspired performance over a simple, retro production that gives the track a traditional R&B vibe. Busta does a solid job on his feature, and he’s generally a good worker on this sort of feature, making this an enjoyable all-rounder.

Ke$ha-Sleazy 2.0 (Get Sleazier) ft. Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000, T.I. and Lil’ Wayne
-This is a lineup of rappers that many hip-hop fans would kill to hear do a track together, so naturally they come together for a Ke$ha track. Figure that one out. As you’d expect, the Ke$ha contributions are pointless and worth ignoring, and of course 3 Stacks takes the win for the best verse, though Wayne brings an infectious energy to his contribution too. Someone cut Ke$ha out of this, for the love of music.

Summer Leather Vest-What Yo Name Is
-Budden and Emanny’s ‘collective’ release their second track with this smoothed out slow jam, and it’s a decent effort. Budden comes a little heavy on the Autotune (frankly, his natural dulcet tones would be great on this production), but keeps the vibe of the lyrics consistent with the sultry production, whilst Emanny’s more skilful tones add real quality to the track. Solid effort, though not as memorable as their first.

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