R&B Fridays: Episode 130

Nothing to really recap on in the world of R&B this past week, it’s been a rather slow one.

Wait, what? Why is Indi in charge of this week’s R&B Friday and where the hell is Ajay? Well folks, he went overboard on his pump level this weekend and he’s been locked up for everyone’s safety (don’t worry though, with his legally entitled one phone call, he hand-picked this week’s tracks for me to review anyway).

Click on below to get hold of this week’s holy trinity of R&B goodness.

Bobby Valentino – Drop It ft. Meek Mill & 2 Chainz
Nice little beat on this, always had a bit of time for Bobby Valentino, who always seems to successfully pull off good collaborations with hip-hop artists. The raps stand up well too, all in all a decent mainstream track.

Robin Thicke – Boring
Song title is kind of apt, not really my style of R&B at all, and thus, rather boring to me. Not knocking it though, it seems the sort of song that Robin Thicke fans would enjoy a lot, it’s just not for me.

The Weeknd/The Noise – Superhero
One from the vaults, an unreleased Weeknd track, back when he used to do music with production outfit: The Noise. Very interesting to hear his early style, a much more traditional type of R&B which we’ve grown accustomed to this past decade, with a focal point on a light heartedness and a fun, bouncy type of production. Basically nothing like The Weeknd of today.

Apologies for the lack of in-depth analysis, but I have some sleep to catchup on :o

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