R&B Fridays: Episode 129

Two remixes and a brand new track this week, with contributions from Chris Brown, Phil Ade, Asher Roth and Raheem DeVaughn.

The debut of our new 5-part feature The Winter EP makes up the bulk of the R&B/soul-related content from this week, though an excellent new video from the talented Daley also warrants attention from the R&BF following.

Click below for this week’s triple threat.

Raheem DeVaughn-Ciroc and Marvin Gaye ft. Phil Ade
-A remix of Big Sean’s enjoyable anthem Marvin and Chardonnay, Raheem grabs his signee Phil Ade for a decent refresh of the track. It’s admittedly not a patch on the original, but has some solid energy and captures the general essence of the original well enough. My biggest criticism is the poor mastering of the track, as the hook sounds almost reduced to a whisper, which is a real shame as it’s probably the best part of the track.

Chris Brown-Complicated ft. Asher Roth
-Not sure if this is for an upcoming project or an unreleased one from the vaults (I suspect the latter, from Chris’ slightly more youthful sounding voice), but it’s a decent collaboration. Bitter lyrics make up the subject matter here, as Chris vents his frustrations at a significant other in his shrill tones, whilst Asher does the same in his characteristically laidback style. The production is largely an upbeat pop effort, taking the sting out of the lyricism and keeping it accessible to the mainstream heads.

Raheem DeVaughn-Lotus Flower Bomb Remix
-A beat that was begging for an R&B artist to take on, and Raheem completely surpasses the original with this excellent effort. Undoubtedly, the original’s highlight was the powerful Miguel hook, and RDV brings the same intensity in the verses alongside a more relaxed style on the hook that synergises superbly with the soft tones of the production. A thoroughly excellent remix.

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