Omari Shakir-Different

The newest member of the OVOXO crew, and though his track Nonchalant was the most recent release from him, it’s actually his previous release, Different, that’s worth a listen. He’s got a style that is very different to the light R&B stylings of his labelmates, bringing a more ‘regular’ hip-hop style that makes for good listening.

Immediately, the jagged production gives the track a distinctive feel, with the Eastern-inspired string plucks providing a combination of intensity and urgency, working almost in isolation with very little percussion. Omari progressively gains comfortability with his raps, and shifts back and forth between a slower delivery to a rapid flow with ease, delivering some solid lines throughout and suggesting there’s plenty of potential here. Unlike his cohort Drake, his style is hip-hop with no grey areas, and hopefully there’s more to come from Omari.

Omari Shakir-Different

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