Mobb Deep-Waterboarding (Prod. Alchemist)

Being the Mobb Deep stan I am, readers will understand the enormity of this song when I claim it’s the closet thing I’ve heard to that 90′s Mobb since… well… the 90′s. Unbelievably left off their recently released Black Cocaine EP, Waterboarding combines that classic eerie cocktail of Alchemist behind the boards and P spitting that harrowing fire which once upon a time made him top 3 in the game (What up Indi). The piercing, sporadic piano keys, low-lying baseline supplemented by jazzy horns replicates that gutter sound all Mobb fans are clamouring for on their upcoming full length LP. This is that QB shit.

Mobb Deep-Waterboarding (Prod. Alchemist) 

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